Martin Company | Product Information - Crystal

Optical Crystal, as clear and as flawless as used in binoculars and camera lenses, represents the ultimate expression of excellence. Optical Crystal is manufactured in large sheets up to 3" thick, and while still molten, is subjected to tremendous pressure to ensure no bubbles, flow lines or other distortions.

Optical Crystal is 100% Lead Free and extremely hard. It is this hardness that provides the basis for the brilliant cuts and bevels, as well as the ultra high polished surfaces. Each piece of Optical Crystal is hand polished and beveled. What an ideal way to recognize achievement and express appreciation.

Most fine crystal contains lead oxide. Although some manufacturers claim up to 30% lead content, 24% is the optimum percentage for colour, weight and hardness, while still ensuring clarity, sparkle and brilliance.

24% Lead Crystal, with its exceptionally high perceived value, has been sought after and treasured for generations, and remains a status symbol even today.

Starfire Crystal is lead free, and also has a low iron content. The removal of this pigmentation results in a product that is equal in clarity to all but the finest optically clear crystal.

Starfire Crystal is manufactured in varying thicknesses up to 3/4". Due to the extreme clarity of Starfire Crystal, the highly polished bevels and edges create a beautiful reflection, with a slight blue sparkle.

The iron ore content in the silica sand used to produce Jade Crystal results in the distinctive green tint, which has become so popular in the trophy industry. Jade Crystal is very hard, facilitating steep bevels and capable of being finished to a very high polish level.

Jade Crystal is manufactured in varying thicknesses up to 3/4". The thicker the piece, the more distinctive the green tint, especially when viewed from the edge. The contrast of colour created by Deep Etching has made Jade Crystal a very popular choice for Award and Recognition pieces.

Defects in Crystal Defects in material and workmanship will be corrected without charge. However, please be aware that even in the finest crystal, minor variations in clarity and color can occur. Occasional air bubbles, chill marks or flow lines are inevitable, especially in molded or blown crystal products. In order to obtain the optimum finish, extra polishing may be necessary, which may cause variations in size. These minor variations in size, quality, color and clarity are not considered defects.

Care of Crystal Crystal is susceptible to minor surface scratches. Care should always be exercised in the handing of a beautiful piece of Crystal. Wash your crystal with mild soap and warm water. Dry with a dust free cloth.